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Brand Positioning to
Achieve the Remarkable

Be Bold In The Right Places To Make The Biggest Impact

We are a brand positioning agency. We help businesses to strategically position themselves to be different and desirable in the minds of their customers.

Our approach to branding is driven by objectives. Our process is based on proven tools and techniques that instill confidence and focus to the brands with which we work. We believe that your brand is your business, and that is why we work incredibly closely with our clients to understand both their marketing and business aims.

We are a supportive partner that offers an expert outsiders perspective on your business. ALL is FLUX® helps bring clarity and direction to your sales and marketing brand strategy.

A Supportive, Strategic Partner In Your Business

Become a
customer magnet

by engineering your brand to increase your desirability.

Turn your customers into devoted fans

by inspiring brand loyalty that drives sustainable growth for your business.

Gain and maintain a competitive edge

by being bold in the right places to make the biggest impact.

Block out the noise and clarify your direction

as you build brand architecture that accelerates success.

Our Services

1. Brand Positioning

We work with companies to build brands that stand out in their market. We help businesses to define every element of their brand from personality, target customer to marketing strategy. Working with ALL is FLUX will help you:

  • attract more customers;
  • create brand advocates;
  • discover your true competitive edge; and
  • have a clear sense of direction for your brand and business.

2. Asset Creation

We use our expert knowledge in brand positioning to create highly targeted marketing assets that clearly communicate your key messages. We work in partnership to deliver the most effective:

  • graphic design;
  • video;
  • web development; and
  • campaigns.
Standing Out In A Crowded World

Don’t compete for customers – build a sensational brand. Be distinct and own your market.

Our world is noisy, the changing nature of modern businesses is accelerating at an ever-increasing speed. The barriers to entry into a market have never been lower and many businesses are asking how they can compete with rising pressure from new competitors?

Brand cuts through all of this, it turns your business from a transaction into an emotion for your customer which is a very powerful tool. When a customer buys from you, holds your product or reads your tweet they feel something. ALL is FLUX is here to help you influence this feeling, we help you communicate the right message that takes your business from being shortlisted to the “no-brainer” and, as one of our clients described, “…from the Championship to the Premier League”.

Brand Positioning is the process of putting your customer at the heart of your brand. Using our distinct CBX Modelling™ we help you to align your business’ identity and messaging to that of your customers to create the biggest impact for your business growth-potential.

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